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The sweet spot for our skills are mid-size brands who trust us to drive traffic, improve conversions, and increase sales for their business.

“You guys have been just amazing. Your team is so professional. You obviously know what you are doing. The results show that. At the start of our relationship, I wanted to grow applicants to our program and grow registered projects. That is definitely taking place.” 

— Randy Estabrook, Executive Director, AWI-QCP

“Since we started working with LimeLight Marketing, we’ve had a solid 30% increase in ecommerce sales and in some months we’ve had double the sales. It’s fantastic to have a group that we work with that feels like we’re all part of one company…that other people are dedicated to our company just as much as we are.”

— Keith Espelien, Owner, Creative Candles

“LimeLight has been invaluable. They helped us with everything from developing the brand to building the website and crafting our marketing strategy. Time and time again they’ve gone above and beyond. They were the perfect partner for us on this project.”

—Brandon Tucker, Executive Director, thirty9

“LimeLight has done a great job listening and understanding not only our business and how it works, but also the struggles we face. With Brandee and her team, it has always felt like a true partnership. They provide a personal touch. The synergy with the team has been rewarding. To have success with an agency there has to be trust. This has been at the forefront of our relationship from day one with the LimeLight team.”

—George Yaghmour, VP Sales & Marketing, KEY Industries Inc.

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