You have a lot of boxes to check. We can help with all of them.

Great ecommerce isn’t one thing. It’s doing a lot of things well at once. If each of these parts are listed out, it can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve organized them into four main areas to explain where it will benefit your business and how they all link together.


Do you need to integrate a payment platform or inventory system?

LimeLight Marketing Website Platform Services for Ecommerce
  • Develop purposefully
  • Integrate seamlessly
  • Elevate UI/UX
Our Platform services are all about leveraging the right technology for your online business. From software consultation to integrating third-party technology to fully custom web and app development, and much more, we have the experience and expertise to write code that will boost your growth.


Are you targeting the right audiences with SEM?

LimeLight Marketing Website Traffic Services
  • Boost visibility
  • Target precisely
  • Engage consistently
Your audiences’ ability to quickly and easily find you online is more than a good idea—it’s imperative. Our Traffic services take a holistic look at keywords, buyer personas, targeted marketing, content, social, and more, to ensure that the people most likely to buy your products are driven right to your ecommerce doorstep.


Do you have trouble showcasing all of your options?

LimeLight Marketing Website Conversion Services for Ecommerce
  • Improve user experiences
  • Refine shopping tools
  • See more purchases
Our Conversions services create experiences that make online visitors become online shoppers. This can involve optimizations to better showcase products, A/B testing to determine effective solutions, implementing reviews for engagement, and more. All in all, we make the most of your platform to turn your traffic into revenue.


Do you want to bring more personality to how your brand looks and sounds?

LimeLight Marketing Brand Services
  • Build foundations
  • Create identity
  • Set clear guidelines
Defining who you are and what you stand for is vital to carving out your unique space and drawing customers to you in a competitive marketplace. From values and vision to logo designs and copy tone, our Branding services help you establish clear guidelines around what your brand represents, what you’re aiming to achieve, and how you appear to your customers.


Are you trying to connect emotionally with your audience?

Do you want help with photography and videography?

Are you trying to bring something unexpected to your advertising?

Creativity is meant to push boundaries and imagine what’s possible instead of living in the bounds of what is or has been. That’s what our creative team of designers, writers, photographers, and general big thinkers can do for you. We shape concepts for sites, campaigns, logos, and more, then apply the skill and acumen to make it happen and drive your business.