KEY 2021 Featured Work

Optimizing, refining SEO, utilizing micro influencers, and more, to continue to drive ecommerce growth


YOY organic traffic


follower growth on social


increase in conversion rate


growth in order volume

About KEY

KEY Apparel is a brand that has been trusted and relied upon by America’s hardest working for more than 100 years. Started by C.A. Lakin and Harry McKey in 1908 in Fort Scott, Kansas, KEY provides durable, feature-rich, value-based workwear that’s comfortable yet stands up to the rigors of tough jobs in the office and in the field.

The project

KEY had seen solid growth in 2020 relying on tactics from a previous strategic approach we helped develop and execute. However, like any good company, there was potential for even more. By looking at ways to optimize their ecommerce website and reach new audiences through social media and email, we propelled their online business even further.

Our approach

Ecommerce platform optimizations
  • Payment options are essential to conversions. By adding PayPal as a payment option, we made it easier for customers to buy in just a couple of clicks, increasing site conversion rate and decreasing abandoned carts.
SEO/keyword ranking
  • We executed a product naming convention that implemented keywords on meta titles and descriptions, product names, and product descriptions to maximize organic site traffic.
Increase ROAS for paid search
  • We performed an audience matching exercise in Google to identify lookalike audiences that are more likely to become customers.
  • By adding revenue data to Google’s platform, we more precisely targeted audiences that are more likely to purchase when on the site.
Micro-influencer marketing
  • In order to expand the audience footprint, we partnered with micro-influencers to reach audiences by promoting KEY apparel organically via the micro-influencer accounts at a relatively low cost per influencer.
  • We maximized the value of these influencers through tagged (and reciprocally tagged) social posts and blog content.
Email growth
  • Through a multi-pronged approach aimed at encouraging non-subscribers and customers to opt-in to receive emails, we boosted subscriptions and incremental sales.
  • Non-subscribers received an invitation to opt-in through incentivized offers.
  • At check-out, an automatic opt-in option was pre-selected.

The results

Increased YOY e-commerce orders

  • The number of orders placed on the ecommerce website increased by 42% YOY


Increased organic traffic

  • 10% YOY increase 


Better conversion rate

  • 44% YOY conversion rate increase to surpass industry average


Boosted PayPal sales

  • More than 80 sales per month were attributed directly to PayPal
  • Cart abandonment decreased by 30% YOY

Email subscribers and sales

  • Increased the number of marketing emails sent per month by 75%
  • Emails drove an increase of 2.5–5% in incremental monthly revenue


Social follower growth

  • 26% increase in Instagram followers in the first month