Creative Candles Rebrand


sales increase in one year


growth in email subscribers

About Creative Candles

Creative Candles has been creating small-batch, artisan-made candles since 1961. By preserving the centuries-old art of candle making, their wide range of premium candles provide the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

The project

Creative Candles wanted to update their logo and brand image to breathe new life into the brand and help achieve marketing and bottom-line goals. This involved ideation and strategy around every part of the existing brand—from logo and color palette to content marketing, a new ecommerce website, and more.

Brand development

  • Through customer insights and research, we learned that Creative Candle customers buy more than candles – they buy the experience, the beauty, and warmth that premium candles bring to their home or special event. They buy a luxury lifestyle
  • With this insight, the core brand messaging and all new content needed to tap into the aspirations of these consumers, inspiring them to experience the lifestyle of Creative Candles.

Logo design

  • Creative Candles deserved a new look that was modern, premium, and embodied the essence of the brand. 
  • The new logo, color palette, fonts and imagery were developed and then integrated throughout the entire brand experience to include new packaging, print materials, and a new and improved e-commerce website.



  • As with any rebrand, updating print materials is an important aspect. 
  • As we updated existing assets with the new logo and branding, we created new print materials as in-box inserts designed to generate repeat sales, luxury brochures and updated product packaging.

“I like that we’re seeing sales go up also. We get the followers increasing and things of that nature which is fantastic. Awareness building is absolutely critical, but it’s also translating into increased sales. From the time we started working with LimeLight Marketing, we’ve had an average 30% increase and in some months we’ve actually had double the sales. It is fantastic to have a group that we can work with that feels like we are all one company…that people are just as dedicated to our company as we are.”

– Keith & Shelley Espelien

Ecommerce website


  • We designed a new e-commerce website to reflect the new and modern brand, tastefully showcase product collections and give visitors a great shopping experience. 
  • The Shopify site provides a user-friendly and highly effective content management system which allows products and content to be updated efficiently.


Content marketing strategy

  • A wider customer base needed to be reached with engaging content to turn social followers and prospects into customers on the new Creative Candles e-commerce website. 
  • The strategy used various channels: social media, the Creative Candles blog, email, print, paid search and influencer marketing.

Social media

  • Creative Candles’ social media content is a balance of product-related posts, lifestyle posts, and user-generated content. The lifestyle content tells a brand story that is more than candles. 
  • The content positions the brand as an essential part of elevated lifestyle experiences, such as family and friends gathered around a sleek, modern tablescape in the warm glow of Wedgwood tapers.

Influencer marketing

  • To extend the brand reach and relevance, and to introduce the brand to general consumers, we launched influencer campaigns, primarily focusing on Instagram. 
  • The brand has a strong following of both event planners and home décor enthusiasts who love luxury candles and are brand advocates.

Blog articles

  • With the rebrand, we launched a blog that increased search engine ranking and drove more organic traffic to the website. 
  • The blog content supports the brand strategy by sharing content that’s both engaging and useful to the target audience. 
  • On the Creative Candles blog, we help customers live out their aspirations while also offering practical tips for how to use candles in home décor.

Email marketing

  • Prior to the rebrand, Creative Candles’ email database was mostly wedding and event planners, so we launched multi-channel digital campaigns to build a broader and larger following of subscribers. 
  • In addition to growing the database by more than 50%, new email campaigns contributed to an increase in sales of more than 30% in the first year