Colorado Golf & Turf Website

A WordPress/WooCommerce site to drive online business for Denver’s preferred Club Car dealer


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About Colorado Golf & Turf

Colorado Golf & Turf has provided high-quality, well-built golf carts, turf equipment, and utility vehicles to families and businesses since 1983. Their success is built on outstanding service and going the extra mile—sometimes literally—for their customers.

The project

With more and more consumers willing and wanting to make larger purchases online, Colorado Golf & Turf wanted to transform their existing site into a premium ecommerce experience. Additionally, they wanted to increase the company’s digital footprint and search visibility among avid golfers, landscape professionals, and especially those looking for street-legal vehicles to use around their neighborhoods. Overall, the site had to create a lifestyle experience that would be intuitive to navigate and include conversion opportunities, regardless of where the visitor happened to be in the buyer journey.

Our phased approach

Phase 1: strategy & planning
  • Develop a sitemap tailored to a buyer’s journey
  • Competitor research/analysis
  • UI/UX discover
Phase 2: keyword research & copywriting
  • Conduct keyword research for localized searches as well as key terms like Club Car, golf cart, golf car, new carts, used carts, etc.
  • Include SEO and keyword optimization for each content page
  • Write copy reflective of the brand and premium lifestyle experience
Phase 3: design
  • Utilize product imagery geared toward the Club Car brand and the appealing to the primary audience
  • Design pages and interactive features with a product-first approach to keep the
  • premium golf carts and equipment front and center
Phase 4: development
  • Build a site based on the foundation of SEO best practices
  • Develop and create filtering that includes the ability to display products using categories, subcategories and major attributes
  • Create a custom purchase/checkout process with a “reserve” power to immediately make that purchase decision online, utilizing a down payment option
  • Provide customers with the option to add accessories to the final purchase to customize their vehicle
Phase 5: testing & launch
  • Extensive QA review of site functionality and content
  • Testing of all links, filters, and assets on mobile and desktop
  • Launch

A new site with more traffic & conversions

Once the Colorado Golf & Turf site went live, the improved SEO, UX, lifestyle branding, and online shopping features immediately had a positive impact on business.


in YOY sessions


in YOY pageviews

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