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About Brandee

Brandee is President and owner of LimeLight Marketing. Since starting the company in 2015, she has been doing what she loves by helping clients solve problems, and seeing them succeed.

Prior to founding LimeLight, Brandee led teams at global corporations such as LEGO® and Deluxe Corporation for more than 20 years. She has in-depth experience and training in lean methodology, process improvement, and improving value streams—all of which helps her today as a marketer and business owner, and can help you as an active listener.

Brandee Johnson

Why choose Brandee?

There are many great marketing speakers to choose from, so why Brandee? Because her talks are genuine and honest—no spin, no jargon, just relatable ideas and advice based on experience, that you can use as soon as you’re back at your desk.

Marketing talks for marketing professionals

Finding your customers

In this always-on era we are blessed with huge amounts of digital data, but how do you know what your customers are doing offline? And how can you better connect your customers’ online world with their life outside the internet?

Learning objective: Understand how to use online data to improve how to find and target customers offline.

Don’t be content with mediocre content

No matter your industry, there is a lot of content out there. A LOT. And, unfortunately, a lot of it is pretty meh. While your competitors churn out a blog post every week and social posts every day, you can take advantage of this mediocrity to produce content that your audience will find relevant, educational, inspirational, and even entertaining—without scraping the barrel of blog post topics.

Learning objective: How to produce great content and differentiate your company from your competitors.

Brand or bland? How to build brand trust

People buy from people they trust. Your customer base should have trust in your brand—after all, they’ve purchased something from you. But how do you scale up this sentiment and use these customers to help you build trust with others?

Learning objective: Understand how to leverage your strongest advocates to build brand trust.