Our approach to digital marketing
Be better

Part inspiration, part motivation, deeply heartfelt, and sincerely doable, this is a daily challenge to ask ourselves and one another to continually work to make a positive impact. In our business? With our skills? For our clients? Yes, yes, yes, and more.

It’s an always-burning desire and promise to improve. Improve our knowledge. Improve our industry. Improve our work. Improve our lives. So, each day, we begin with a question that turns into encouragement and solidifies into a principle: be better.

Ecommerce expertise is essential

Excelling in ecommerce requires a lot of talent and brainpower in some very specific areas. That’s why we have experts in each of the core fields to ensure well—thought—out methods that get well—earned returns.

LimeLight Marketing Ecommerce Agency: Team photo
LimeLight Marketing Ecommerce Agency: Team photo
LimeLight Marketing Ecommerce Agency: Team photo

Going the extra mile isn’t extra

Disinterested efforts lead to uninteresting results. From our clients’ businesses to the target audiences to the latest means and methods, we dig deep and care deeply.

We love a good challenge

We have a locked-in focus, yet rarely locked-down ways. Shifting quickly to address the unexpected in the marketplace and the immediate in our clients’ needs is a challenge we always welcome.

It’s always about the results

Everything we do — from web design to app development, branding to SEO, thoughtful strategy to creative execution — is singularly focused on making our clients’ businesses measurably better.

“LimeLight has done a great job listening and understanding not only our business and how it works, but also the struggles we face. With Brandee and her team, it has always felt like a true partnership. They provide a personal touch. The synergy with the team has been rewarding. To have success with an agency there has to be trust. This has been at the forefront of our relationship from day one with the LimeLight team.”

—George Yaghmour, VP Sales & Marketing, KEY Industries Inc.

Work that works.

Ready for us to zero-in on your business?